Suunnittelulinja Finland Oy Ltd

Property construction and remodeling consultants - take advantage of our extensive services

Suunnittelulinja is a construction company from Turku. As our customer, you will get all the services you need under the same roof: new work, additions, remodeling and property development. We will assist you through all the stages from project planning to commissioning, as well as with the guarantee and other builder’s liabilities.

We will place at your disposal planning services within architecture, structure and building services engineering, as well as project and construction management. All this you can arrange through us either as a full-service package or in smaller parts, take your pick.

Every project will be managed from the beginning to the end by the same person, with whom you can come to an agreement on the working methods best suited to you.

Our business idea is to give our customers all the planning and construction services from one and the same operator.

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